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The Freelancer’s Bible for Pinoys

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Tired of waking up early to face not only heavy but impossible traffic, face horrible bosses, spend 10 to 12 hours of your time at the office … everyday?

Want more time with your family, have that perfect work-life balance and be able to work at the comfort of your home, but don’t know where to start?

Then, this book is definitely for you. This book is a complete guide that will teach you how to muster up the courage and equip you with all you need to know, and finally…start.

This book gives you everything you need, tangible and intangible, before taking that plunge to pursue your dreams.


Reviews and Comments about the Freelancer's Bible for Pinoys

Do you want to pursue a career as a freelancer? Do you want to have a sneak peek on the challenges and rewards of a freelancer? Then this book is for you. This book is your guide to becoming a freelancer.

Sha Nacino, Best Selling Author and Asia's Book Writing Coach

Freelancing is one of the current trends in this era of new technology. To anyone who dreams of becoming a freelancer, this is the perfect book for you. You will not only learn powerful tips but you will be motivated to love what you do. Robbie’s book is a big blessing to all the aspiring freelancers out there.
Jonas Dupo, Author of Oversees to Overflowing Richness


Also featuring the reviews and comments of those who've read the book...

One of the books you should read before you jump ship. - Ace de Guzman

If you need a guideline in venturing into home-based jobs, this book is a must-have. - Jo Abdel, Algorhythm Career and Service Specialist

Want to learn the ins and outs of becoming a freelancer? Grab this book now! - Analyn Mauri-Sagucio, VA Coach FVA China

Done reading the Freelancer's Bible for Pinoys. This book is very helpful for aspiring online freelancers and a useful guide for experienced online freelancers. - Laurence Daliva

Confused on how to start freelancing? Read the Freelancer's Bible for Pinoys. Trust me, it's awesome! - Jennifer Gison, VA Coach, FVA Western Visayas

Very helpful and inspiring. - Leslie Cailan

Indeed, I made the right decision to read the book from the preface. Coach Robbie's narrative is a breath of fresh air. Her easy-to-read analogies helped me to understand what it means to be a freelancer more. As a freelancing amateur who used to play everything by ear, I think that by reading Coach Robbie's book, I learned about the theoretical explanations behind what I was doing. - Kat Manapat,

4 reviews for The Freelancer’s Bible for Pinoys

  1. Lyza Grace Naparan (verified owner)

    This book helped me understand the beauty of freelancing. Coach Robbie’s simple metaphors made it easier for me to comprehend what it means to be a freelancer. It made me understand everything I am confused about. I don’t have any regrets about reading this book because there is a lot of learning that I got as an amateur in freelancing.

  2. Ludivina Jao

    This book is so inspiring. I’ve learned so much from it. This is an ultimate guide to a newbie freelancers like me. Love the story of Chef Eddie 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Lyza Grace Naparan (verified owner)

    I love Coach Robbie’s book. As an amateur freelancer it helped me a lot to be motivated in doing everything I can in the freelancing world. This book opened up my mind to do my very best and not to give up in any challenges that will come my way because in the end success is waving. I want to thank Coach Robbie for wrting this book for us freelancers. This is really a big help to us, especially to the newbie like me to make us understand what freelancing is all about.

  4. Michelle Cano

    One of my Fave Freelancing book that inspired me the most! Still waiting for book 2!!

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